Is There An Audience In The Science Field?

Many people want to become scientists when they are kids. But once they grow up they learn that science is not how they imagined it and many people shift their dreams into becoming something else. The fact of the matter is science seems as an industry that has its own section in everything but is never talked about in the public. Scientists in the past have always considered their research sacred and their findings have been kept as secrets for many years, but in the day and age we live in today science has to start sharing its findings with the world, and it has to start doing it in a way that the world will understand it in.

The first question to such an issue is will there be an audience to listen if the scientific community decided to share all their research?

Well of course there would be! Even though the scientific community is more of a niche group that does not spread its group religiously, it still is present in all parts of life. Every industry is connected with the scientific community that performs research and experiments for that said industry so an audience is not hard to gather. However, the scientific community should start a broader campaign to increase the awareness of the whole world when it comes to scientific findings.

Why is increasing awareness important in the scientific world?

Science-WorldThe simple answer is because we have not advanced as a civilization to where we are now with ignorance. The long answer is because the world tends to forget how science has helped us and after some time starts considering everything normal or a part of life as they know it, instead of recognizing that science is the one thing they should be thankful for. Raising awareness is important for several reasons but the most important reason should be because in today’s world it can easily be done!

In the past increasing awareness was also important but it was hard to generate the needed outreach with certain projects. Today in the social media age everyone has a voice that can be shared and it’s more important than ever not to let the voice of the scientific community be drowned by the rest.

Why can communication with the crowd be hard for scientists?

CommunicationIt’s not a secret that the language scientists speak is not the language a layman speaks. For this reason, many scientists give up on conveying their research to the masses as the communication between the scientist and the layman can be very hard. Scientists must invest in the way they communicate and share their findings if they ever want for their research to be widely accepted. The big divide between the scientists and what the normal person knows and understands has to be overcome with better communication for the good of the future of everyone.


You can find an example of a great success in developing an online audience at Youtube : SciShow: