Funded Science Roundup #3: Investing in Biotech

Funded Science Roundup #3: Investing in Biotech
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Investing in Biotech

  • Trends Show Crowdfunding To Surpass VC In 2016 – Crowdfunding industry estimated to grow to $34 billion in 2015, as compared to an average of $30 billion per year in venture capital investment and an average of $20 billion annually in angel investment. 2015 estimate for equity crowdfunding is $2.5 billion invested worldwide. Early days yet, but crowdfunding looks set to play a major role in fundraising for new ventures going forward.

  • Top 15 Corporate Venture Funds: – Lists the 15 largest venture funds run by large pharmaceutical companies. The largest is the Novartis Venture Fund, with over $1 billion in committed capital. Big Pharma has increasingly been outsourcing its R&D to biotech startups and academia, typically acquiring the technology once its a fair way down the development pipeline (often after the Phase II trial stage). These venture funds form a key part of that strategy.
  • First Round 10 Year Project – First Round Capital analyzed the data on the 300 companies and 600 founders it has invested in since 2005, and lists the 10 key findings.

Recent Deals in Biotech

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