Funded Science Roundup #2: Venture Finance and Crowdfunding in Biotech

Funded Science Roundup #2: Venture Finance and Crowdfunding in Biotech
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Venture Finance in Biotech

  • Antibiotics “a terrible business model” for Pharmas expert tells Davos  – Pharma representatives, the WHO, and academics all agree: antibiotics development should be largely driven by government and non-profits. This needs to be backed up by funding, though, and raises the question of how government & non-profit funders can retain control over pricing when industry is partnered with to scale up production.

Crowdfunding in Biotech

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List of Crowdfunding Platforms for Scientific Research

List of Crowdfunding Platforms for Scientific Research
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I’ve updated the Funded Science list of crowdfunding platforms for scientific research. Interestingly, health-related portals dominate the list, with over 50% of platforms focusing on drug and/or medical device development.

Portals will be added to the list as they come online. Please let me know if I’m missing any:

List of Crowdfunding Portals for Scientific Research

PortalResearch AreaCrowdfunding ModelPortal FeeBased in...
Abundance EnergyClean tech/renewable energyEquity-based (for-profit)No Investor FeeUnited Kingdom
ADHD FundHealth (ADHD)Donation-based (non-profit)n/aNetherlands
AngelMDHealth (General)Equity-based (for-profit)No Investor FeeUSA
BenefunderGeneralDonation-based (non-profit)10%USA
B-a-MedFounderHealth (Medical Devices)Equity- or Rewards-based (for-profit)4.5%-10%Cyprus
Capital CellHealth + BiotechEquity-based (for-profit)5%-7%Spain
The Common GoodHealth (Prince Charles Hospital Foundation)Donation-based (non-profit)n/aAustralia
ConsanoHealth (General)Donation-based (non-profit)No FeeUSA
DigVenturesArchaeologyDonation-based (for-profit)4%-9%United Kingdom
Donors CureHealth (General)Donation-based (non-profit)8%USA
EndeavoristGeneralDonation-based (for-profit)n/aUSA
ExperimentGeneralDonation-based (non-profit)5%USA
Funds4ResearchHealth (Rare Diseases)Donation-based (non-profit)n/aSpain
Fiat PhysicaPhysics & AstronomyDonation-based15%USA
FundScience AustraliaGeneralDonation-based (non-profit)No FeeAustralia
FutSciGeneralDonation-based (for-profit)7%United Kingdom
HealthFundrHealth (General)Equity-based (for-profit)VariableUSA
HealthiosXchangeHealth (General)Equity-based (for-profit)VariableUSA
ILoveScienceGeneralDonation-based (for-profit)10%Spain
InstrumentlGeneralDonation-based (for-profit)8%USA
LabfundrGeneralDonation-based (for-profit)9%Canada
MedStartrHealth (General)Donation-based5%-8%USA
Lifespan.ioHealth (Aging)Donation-based5%-12%USA
MyPharmaCompanyHealthRoyalty-based (funds specific products)n/aFrance
MyProjectsHealth (Cancer)Donation-based (non-profit)No FeeUnited Kingdom
PoliwoggHealth & Life SciencesEquity-based (for-profit)No Investor FeeUSA
PozibleGeneralDonation-based (for-profit)5%Australia
PrecipitaGeneralDonation-based (non-profit)2%Spain
Rare Genomics InstituteHealth (Rare Diseases)Donation-based (non-profit)No FeesUSA
Research Funder NIHealth (Cancer)Donation-based (non-profit)No FeesUnited Kingdom (Northern Ireland)
Science StarterGeneralDonation-based (non-profit)n/aGermany
ScienceVestLife SciencesEquity-based (for-profit) - accredited investors only15% carried interest on investments under US$50,000USA
ShareInGeneral (Tech & Health)Equity-based (for-profit)3%-5%United Kingdom
Sound AffectsHealth (Cancer)Donation-based (non-profit)10%USA
Springboard EquityHealthEquity-based (for-profit)n/aUSA
StartACureHealth (Cancer)Donation-based (non-profit)5%USA
TechnoFundingGeneralDonation-based (for-profit)5%United Kingdom
ThinkableGeneralDonation-based (for-profit)10%Australia
WalaceaGeneralDonation-based5%United Kingdom
WellfundrHealthDonation-based + Equity-based (for-profit)5%France
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Funded Science Roundup #1

Funded Science Roundup #1
Credit: © Robert Plotz - Fotolia

Science Philanthropy News

Science Funding Trends

  • Freezing Out Young Scientists – New research shows the growing funding crunch faced by young scientists and its negative impact on scientific innovation.
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